I can now see why John Kasapi is the best business broker in the country.

I can now see why John Kasapi is the best business broker in the country. He it truly outstanding at what he does and how he delivers amazing service. It is impressive to see how easily he made the sale go so smoothly. His pro-active approach was refreshing – not once did I have to ring him to find out what was happening with the process. He would even call me to touch base if he didn’t have an update – just to keep in touch! I’m also buying another salon business at the moment though a different business broker and I can see the difference between the two is so wide. I have dealt with a few different business brokers over the past few months, and some have actually lost their client a potential sale due to lack of communication. I still have not completed the other business purchase yet which was started 6 weeks before this one. I can understand that John really has the process down pat and just makes it so easy to move through the many steps that need to be completed. When I am ready to purchase another business in the next 6 months I will not hesitate to work with John again. Thanks John!

John Kasapi receives another Benchmark Business Sales Review.

John has always been involved with the hair and beauty industry all of his working life, and he offers an in-depth knowledge to all buyers and sellers. He enjoys helping people achieve their dreams, whether it be buying, selling or investing. John really understands that in many cases, a business can be a major asset, so he likes to ensure that the process, whether it be buying or selling, is “smooth sailing” for everyone concerned. Get to know more about John Kasapi and his accomplishments by clicking the "View Profile" button below. Additionally, you can read other Benchmark Business Sales Testimonials from the "Broker" section above.

John Kasapi is a business broker at Benchmark Business Sales & Valuations.
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