Selling a Salon

Is your salon a headache? Have you lost your mojo? Having a baby? Or Is it time to reap the rewards of your hard work and cash in?

Whatever your situation, our salon business sales program is designed to help salon owners successfully sell their business.

We know that sometimes the drive to keep running a business is lost. The initial enthusiasm you had when you first started the business, or stepped into it, is hard to maintain. Losing your mojo is a common experience, one we regularly see. When this happens, the daily grind of business can be hard wearing, with stress amplified and the excitement long gone. At this stage you have two options: do something, or, do nothing.

The do-nothing option is like putting your head in the sand and hoping things will go away, or get better by themselves. We all know this is not the right thing to do, and will simply cause you more problems as time goes by. What will it cost you if you did nothing? How much more stress can you handle? How much more financial burden are you willing to take on?

The do-something option means taking control of your situation, making firm decisions and following through with a clear plan. Here, you can do one of two things:

  1. Re-group your thoughts and bring back the focus you need to drive the business forward, or,
  2. Cash-in and sell your business, reap the rewards of your hard work, giving you the freedom to start fresh.

The paradox in losing your mojo is that is doesn’t actually mean that your business is worthless or without potential to someone else.

When Sally (not her real name) came to us she was doing well financially, yet despite this, her heart was no longer in the business and she just didn’t have the energy to re-focus and push forward as she used to. She was lucky that she recognised this at a stage when the business was still going strong, as it made her salon attractive to potential buyers. After listing her salon for sale with our team, Sally confided in us by saying that she is already feeling more positive and confident about her future than she has been for the past year. When the salon sold, Sally was free. She sent us an email from the airport on her way to a month-long holiday overseas, thanking us for the help in selling the salon, and telling us how much better it feels to not have a burden on your shoulders which you no longer want to carry.

While it is a big decision to sell your salon, it makes sense to do so when you have got to the stage that Sally got to – lost drive, focus and just a desire to move on. Sometimes a fresh start is the best way forward.

This is where we come in. Using our proven formula, we help salon owners reap the rewards of their hard work, helping them regain their focus by successfully helping them sell their business and move in a different direction. We manage the sales process from end to end, guiding our clients through a process which without the right knowledge is otherwise daunting and challenging.

If you want to cash-in, reap the rewards of your hard work and gain new freedom to go on holidays just like Sally, then contact us. Our specialist salon sales brokers are here to help you get back your mojo!