Buying a Salon

The problem with the world today is that there is just too much information available to us! When it comes to buying a new salon, the internet gives us access to not just one, or two, or a dozen opportunities to consider. Rather, at any point in time there are hundreds, even thousands of opportunities to look at and consider.

It is therefore no surprise that with many salons for sale, many people either give up searching, or, end up going after the wrong opportunity all together. Furthermore, just to make it more confusing, the process of buying a salon can be fraught with challenges and pitfalls.

This information thus begs the question: If you are wanting to buy a salon, and are faced with the above dilemmas, what do you do?

Steve came to us a couple of years ago, asking us to help sell his salon, only 12 months after he purchased the salon directly from the previous owner. He had quite a dilemma on his hands: the salon he bought stacked up in the initial stages, but, things unravelled once the keys were handed over. To make it worse, this was on top of the nightmare he had when trying to settle the deal in the first place.

Unfortunately for him, the truth was far from what Steve understood it to be. Thankfully, our experienced team knew how to handle such a situation, and once we helped Steve get out of the mess he came back to us as a buyer. This time, he was willing to listen to advice and work with a third party (us) to help secure the right salon for him. Turning to our proven buying a salon business process, we guided Steve in the direction of a handful of relevant opportunities, and helped him settle into one of those salons for sale. Today, Steve is the happy operator of a successful salon which he can be proud of. The deal arranged between Steve and the sellers was fair and equitable for everyone involved, and resulted in the sellers securing the freedom they were after, and Steve securing his dream business. Steve realised a valuable lesson in all this: its not enough to just buy a business, you have to buy the right business for you and your situation if you want success with it.

It is exciting looking for a new salon business opportunity to step into, and even more exciting when you finally do step into that dream salon! Imagine all the opportunities that await you. The dreams you could turn to reality.

Our specialist team of salon business brokers help people like yourself step into the right salon opportunity. We have a proven salon buying formula which has seen people like Steve, successfully step into a salon they can be proud to own. We help you find the right business by listening to your needs, matching you with ready to look at salon opportunities. We ensure that you don’t have to trawl through hundreds of salon listings, making dozens of enquiries and trying to wade through financial statements and the like to understand whether that opportunity is actually one you should be considering. We do the hard work, giving our buyers the right advice.

If you want to step into the right salon business, and not just any salon business, then you need to talk to our experienced team. Our specialist salon business brokers are here to guide you all the way, so contact us today.

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